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Plants that Thrive No Matter What


by Allison McClure To put it plainly, houseplants are good to have around. Research increasingly suggests that indoor plants can positively impact individuals’ health, well-being and sense of contentment. They are known to improve air

Plants that Thrive No Matter What2021-04-06T23:01:55+00:00

15 Home Organization Ideas


by Dean Linn Organizing clutter around the home is a chore that people tend to put off until it is too late. You see a pile one morning and think, "I'll clean that up later."

15 Home Organization Ideas2021-04-06T23:01:32+00:00

“Flossing” Your Nerves


by Robin Jabour, Esq W e all know that flossing your teeth is essential for good dental health. But, have you ever heard of “nerve flossing”? Simply, nerve flossing, or nerve/neural gliding, is a series

“Flossing” Your Nerves2021-04-06T23:00:51+00:00

Breathing Techniques to Alleviate Anxiety


by Mark M. Bello Feeling anxious? You are not alone. Everyone experiences anxiety at some point and many of us struggle with dealing with it at the moment. One helpful aid for managing anxiety that is

Breathing Techniques to Alleviate Anxiety2021-04-06T22:59:26+00:00

The Stress Relieving Benefits of Baking


by Grace Smithwick A s The Great British Bake Off and other baking competition shows trend upward on Netflix and Hulu, more and more people are putting themselves to the test in the kitchen. Photos

The Stress Relieving Benefits of Baking2021-04-06T22:59:04+00:00

Make Sure Your Goals Are SMART


by Emma Parnham A new year offers new opportunities and new goals, or perhaps a re-commitment to goals that weren’t accomplished in 2020 due to COVID-19. For some people, goals might include running a marathon,

Make Sure Your Goals Are SMART2021-04-06T22:56:37+00:00

Stop. Breathe. Eat.


by Ally Aletha When unregulated, stress has us reaching in the wrong direction, toward toxic people, places and things as a means of comfort. For many, this means processed foods that do more harm than

Stop. Breathe. Eat.2021-04-06T20:31:16+00:00

Is it a Migraine or a Headache?


by Crystal Consylma We have all experienced the dreadful discomfort and pain that nags us at the worst time. Our head aches and feels like it wants to explode. Are you able to tell if

Is it a Migraine or a Headache?2021-03-29T20:08:31+00:00

Tips to Optimize Muscle Recovery


by Margie Coghill Have you ever had a day where every muscle in your body ached? Whether you are an occasional runner or fitness fanatic, you should consider muscle recovery as a very important factor to optimize your

Tips to Optimize Muscle Recovery2021-03-19T14:27:58+00:00
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