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Mental Health:

The Impact of 2020


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Expert advice and in-depth features for a healthy life

6 Ways to Go Green at Home

by Elizabeth Rossbach The destruction of natural environments through deforestation and the continuous spread of pollutants has led to the disruption of ecosystems and a decline in safe

Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

by Elizabeth Rossbach Yoga is an ancient meditative practice that has become increasingly popular today as a form of stress-relieving exercise. It can be done in a relatively

Mental Health Apps or Traditional Therapy

by Grace Smithwick As Coronavirus continues to dominate headlines, 2020 has seen an unprecedented rise in people seeking mental health assistance. As feelings of isolation-induced anxiety and depression

Safety Tips For Runners

by Logan Wood With COVID-19 rates spiking, Americans face another period of lockdown and seclusion from loved ones, jobs, school, etc. According to the CDC, this seclusion not

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