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Welcome to Living Safer magazine, the consumer’s guide to all things safety.

Living Safer magazine is your guide to all things safety. From nutrition, health and wellness to home, family and day-to-day living, our magazine is dedicated to providing a wealth of useful tips, information and in-depth features to ensure you live your best life.

Fire Safety And Injury Treatment

Fires and burns are a significant public safety concern, causing billions of dollars in property damage and thousands of deaths and injuries yearly. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimated there were 1.4 million fires in the United States in 2021, causing 3,575 deaths and 11,675 injuries. Fire-related property damage was estimated at $15.6 billion.


Latest Features

Expert advice and in-depth features for a healthy life

Avoiding Personal Injuries

by Keith Dozier of Wm. Keith Dozier Trial Attorney Anyone can suffer a personal injury anywhere and at any time. Fortunately, most personal injuries are preventable. Below are

Health Benefits of Turmeric

by Brandy Abalos Turmeric has many proven health benefits. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can benefit the body and brain in many ways. In fact, it may

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