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Welcome to Living Safer magazine, the consumer’s guide to all things safety.

Living Safer magazine is your guide to all things safety. From nutrition, health and wellness to home, family and day-to-day living, our magazine is dedicated to providing a wealth of useful tips, information and in-depth features to ensure you live your best life.


Everything You Need To Know About Your Data and How To Protect It in the Era of COVID-19


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Expert advice and in-depth features for a healthy life

Technology for Seniors

by Joshua M. Neuman One of the greatest developments in the history of humankind has been the technological advances of our civilization over the last 100 years. In

Exercise During Every Trimester

by Megan Van Rentergem When you become pregnant, you quickly realize that your body will continue to be, experiencing many changes. It’s exciting and scary all at the

Plants that Thrive No Matter What

by Allison McClure To put it plainly, houseplants are good to have around. Research increasingly suggests that indoor plants can positively impact individuals’ health, well-being and sense of

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