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Bottoms Up

The real story on reduced-calorie wines

Did you know that various wineries have now begun producing reduced-calorie wines? Some current low-calorie wine producers, such as Skinnygirl, Skinny Wine, Weight Watchers, FitVine, and some foreign brands, all offer wines with approx. 90 calories per five-ounce glass. This compares to a typical five-ounce glass with about 120 calories—saving a person approximately 30 calories by drinking low-calorie wine.

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It’s easy to go out, have fun and forget the things you know your body needs. This only gets worse when you wake up the next day with a hangover.

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You’re getting older. Time to change your eating habits. Consider these tips.

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Apple cider vinegar is supposedly great for your health. Why?

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Salty or Sweet

What You Crave May Tell You Something

When you are looking for a snack, what do you usually reach for? Does your food craving change if you are at the movie theater, in the middle of a tough work day, or settling into a comfortable chair or couch after a big meal?

While the scientific literature is not conclusive as to whether individual food cravings can be causally linked to nutrient insufficiencies, an individual’s relationship with food cravings clearly represents a unique biopsychosocial matrix. Like anything, it can be complicated.

“Our bodies are our gardens our will are our gardeners.”

William Shakespeare

“The lack of access to proper nutrition is not only fueling obesity, it is leading to food insecurity and hunger among our children.”

Tom Vilsack