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Living Safer magazine is your guide to all things safety. From nutrition, health and wellness to home, family and day-to-day living, our magazine is dedicated to providing a wealth of useful tips, information and in-depth features to ensure you live your best life.


Everything You Need To Know About Your Data and How To Protect It in the Era of COVID-19


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“Flossing” Your Nerves

by Robin Jabour, Esq W e all know that flossing your teeth is essential for good dental health. But, have you ever heard of “nerve flossing”? Simply, nerve

Make Sure Your Goals Are SMART

by Emma Parnham A new year offers new opportunities and new goals, or perhaps a re-commitment to goals that weren’t accomplished in 2020 due to COVID-19. For some

Stop. Breathe. Eat.

by Ally Aletha When unregulated, stress has us reaching in the wrong direction, toward toxic people, places and things as a means of comfort. For many, this means

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Stop. Eat. Breathe.

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