by Sarah Buron

In the current world we are living in, it is more important than ever that we utilize the option of working out from home. While it can be a bit of an adjustment if you are used to a gym, it is absolutely possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine from home. Here are some tips:

Schedule it. Create a schedule the night before (or on Sunday night for your whole week). It is important to schedule a workout just like you would any other appointment because this appointment is just as important as any other you will have that day. If you are more likely to come up with excuses as the day goes on, make sure to schedule your workout first thing in the morning.

Set your clothes out the night before. Being prepared isn’t half the battle, it is the battle. You are much more likely to stay committed to your workout if you set out everything you will need the night before. Upon waking, make sure that those workout clothes and shoes are the first thing you see when you get out of bed. The less decision making, the better.

Get creative. Don’t have weights? Use wine bottles, water bottles or even cans of soup to complete basic moves like a bicep curl. Most of us probably have a spare jump rope laying around our garage which is another great exercise to get moving.

Take advantage of nicer weather. If you have a yard you can utilize, set up markers of some sort in your yard that you can walk or run to. Get the family involved too and make it a friendly competition. A family walk or bike ride is a great way to bond outside in nature while also being active.

Keep it short and sweet. If you’re short on time, HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a great way to get that heart rate up. For instance, do as many jumping jacks or burpees as you can in one minute, then slowly cool down by walking for a minute or two, and then repeat that circuit for 5-10 minutes. You do not have to exercise for hours to get in an effective workout but make sure to gradually increase your intensity to avoid injury.

You can plank from anywhere. One of the best full-body moves is a plank and you can do a plank inside, outside or even in front of the TV. If you are new to planks, check out YouTube for video tutorials on form. You can start by trying to hold a plank for 15 seconds, then day by day increase your time. This move alone will help you gain strength physically but also mentally.

Stop making excuses because consistency is key. This one can be a tough pill to swallow but if you are new to fitness, it’s very common to stick with it for a week or two and then fall off the wagon. There will always be a reason or excuse not to do it. Therefore, it is important to stick with it and stay consistent until it becomes something you do more out of habit than obligation.

Stream online workouts. If you are someone who would benefit from having a trainer showing you exactly what moves to do, there are countless workouts available online. You can stream a class from anywhere and choose your workout schedule based on the time of day that works best for you.

Don’t forget the music. Music can be incredibly motivating and also can make the time go by faster. Create a playlist of your favorite songs that will pump you up just when you need it.

Find something you enjoy. There are endless options when it comes to physical activity. Be open to trying lots of different things and don’t give up until you find something that you look forward to. While you will not always be motivated, it definitely helps when you commit to doing exercise that you do not absolutely dread. You want to work on finding physical activity you enjoy doing since there is no end-date when exercise becomes a lifestyle change.