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Motion Sickness and Your Child


By: Heath Reid Many people begin feeling ill when riding in the car. This “motion sickness” is especially common for children. It can also be experienced when riding on boats (called “seasickness”) and on amusement

Motion Sickness and Your Child2022-04-19T19:48:39+00:00

The Dangers of Dry Scooping Before a Workout


By: Rachel Gore Many gym-goers use pre-workout supplements to boost their energy and performance before exercising. Generally speaking, these pre-workout supplements come in a powder form that is supposed to be mixed with water then consumed.

The Dangers of Dry Scooping Before a Workout2022-04-19T16:24:04+00:00

Let’s Get (Reasonably) Happy


Dr. Terry Ellis has a Ph.D. in Greek, a Masters in Biblical Studies and a degree in Psychology. He was a Baptist pastor for 34 years. Dr. Ellis is also a recovering alcoholic and founder

Let’s Get (Reasonably) Happy2022-04-29T17:55:50+00:00

Top 5 Diets And Who They’re Best For


By: Brandy Abalos Technically speaking, a “diet” is simply the foods that a person habitually eats. However, when today’s society talks about diets, they are referring to a specialty diet that often promises to help you

Top 5 Diets And Who They’re Best For2022-04-19T14:38:07+00:00
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