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Gout: What, Why, How To Prevent It


By: Lola Aquilar Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis that can cause significant pain and other complications. It often occurs in one joint at a time (such as the big toe joint). It may get

Gout: What, Why, How To Prevent It2022-04-19T13:59:31+00:00

What To Do After A Slip and Fall Accident


By: Danny Feldman It happens all the time—people slip or trip and fall. Fortunately, most of the time, the biggest injury is to the person’s pride because it’s embarrassing to fall down. That said, fall-down

What To Do After A Slip and Fall Accident2022-04-18T18:58:10+00:00

Safe Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Tips


By: Katherine Allen Whether you are trying out the slopes for the first time or are a more seasoned skier or snowboarder, it is essential that you take time to understand the steps you can

Safe Slopes: Ski & Snowboard Tips2022-04-19T14:34:50+00:00

How a Speeding Ticket Affects Your Insurance


By: Lola Aquilar If you’re caught going over the speed limit and end up with a ticket, it will likely affect your insurance rates. Since speeding tickets become part of your driving record, your insurance

How a Speeding Ticket Affects Your Insurance2022-04-18T17:49:56+00:00

What You Need To Know About NFTs


By: Rachel Gore Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are defined as cryptographic tokens stored on a blockchain that can be sold and traded. To understand NFTs more, let’s break that definition down into its individual parts.  Cryptographic tokens

What You Need To Know About NFTs2022-04-18T17:16:52+00:00

Health Risks of Working From Home


By Brandy Abalos More people are working from home than ever before. In fact, many traditional office jobs have been adapted to remote positions over the past few years. Working from home has many benefits;

Health Risks of Working From Home2022-04-18T14:05:07+00:00
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