by Crystal Consylman

Confidence always seems to be one of the biggest issues a girl faces. Here are some ways you can help your daughter, or any girl in your life, build her confidence:

Be there for her. Support the decisions she makes. Wrong or right, she needs to know that you will have her back through the good times and the bad. You may not agree with her decisions, but she will always be looking to you to stand behind her and love her unconditionally. She will be able to face the world with confidence knowing you have her back no matter what.

Listen. Listening, instead of speaking, will allow her to become a confident woman in this world. Let her talk through the issues she is having. She needs a platform to express what is going on inside. Only after she is finished should you talk things through with her in a loving manner. Showing love and understanding during these conversations is extremely important and will show her how much it means to have someone there. Do not make her feel like she should be ashamed for what she is feeling or for coming to you. Motivate her, love her and encourage her to do what is right. Remember, you want her to confidently make her decisions with just a little nudge in the right direction from you!

Encourage her passions. Whether it’s something you feel passionate about or not, encourage her to stick to her passions and dive into them with her whole heart and soul. It doesn’t matter if she plays a sport, sings or dances, make sure she knows you are behind her and support her. If she can find happiness in her passion, confidence will follow.

Let her cry. Encourage her to express herself. Encourage her to love. Encourage her to be proud of who she is, share her emotions and know that it’s OK to break down and have a good cry once in a while. Let her know that you will be there to be the shoulder she’ll need when that happens. Be the person who will help her through these moments with encouragement and no judgment. There is an innocence and honesty to those who are confident enough to express themselves without fear of judgment.

Remind her that she’s beautiful. Do not let a day go by that you do not remind her that she is beautiful, inside and out. Remind her to radiate her beauty into the world. Remind her of all that she has to offer to the world and those around her. Remind her that a simple smile will light up a room and that she is strong and smart. Always tell her how proud you are of her.

Our world is radiating with amazing, beautiful, strong, independent and confident women. It’s our job to show them that they are all of these things.