by Dean Linn

Organizing clutter around the home is a chore that people tend to put off until it is too late. You see a pile one morning and think, “I’ll clean that up later.” A few weeks go by, and that pile is now three times bigger—making you want to organize even less. This article will provide you with 15 helpful organizational ideas. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you will have a few ideas to help you get rid of some piles around your home.

  1. Organize Cords with Old Bread Tags
    Everyone has areas in their homes that are bombarded by cords that go in all directions. This idea is terrific because it is simple, costs no money and is incredibly effective. You take some old bread bag tags, label them and clip them around each cord. This is the perfect way to take the guessing game out of a power strip full of several cords.
  2. Use a Shoe Organizer to Arrange Cleaning Supplies
    Another great way to repurpose an item is to use a door-hanging shoe organizer to hold cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies tend to pile up and take up a lot of closet space. Try using shoe organizers to store cleaning supplies, making these supplies much easier to locate.
  3. Hang Pots and Pans
    Pots and pans tend to be clunky and take up a lot of room. For this idea, purchase strong wall adhesive hang-ers, find some empty wall space in your kitchen, and stick the hanger to the wall with enough space between them to fit the items. Once the hangers are stuck to the wall, hang the pots and pans by the handle.
  4. Lazy Susan in Refrigerator
    Ever feel like you can’t find an item in the back of the refrigerator? A lazy susan is the perfect item for fridge organization. Just pop one in the fridge and see how easy it is to find things that may have previously gone to waste in the back of the refrigerator.
  5. Can Tab Hangers
    Another repurposing of an item around everyone’s home—old can tabs can reorganize a cluttered hanging rack. Just break the can tab off of a can, slip it on the coat hanger, and use the unused hole in the tab to hold another coat hanger.
  6. Repurpose a Dresser
    Have any old dressers that are going to be thrown out or replaced? To create some easy access under the bed storage, just pull a dresser drawer out of the dresser and slip it under the bed with the handle facing out.
  7. Plastic Bag Container
    Everyone has empty plastic bags that have accumulated from convenience or grocery stores. A great way to store those plastic bags is to stuff them in old tissue boxes. This will save a lot of space and look better than loose bags in a cabinet.
  8. Dead Space Over Doors
    Rarely do homes use the space above doors for any purpose. So, if you need somewhere to store items, mount a shelf in the wall space above the doors.
  9. Mounted Hooks for Shoes
    Can’t find space to store all of your shoes? Mount some hooks close to the floor and hang your shoes on them!
  10. Repurpose a Shower Caddy
    Most shower caddies are made to hang over the showerhead. Repurpose any shower caddy by hanging it on a hanger/hook anywhere in the house.
  11. Create a Pantry with Bins
    Have a deep drawer in the kitchen that is unorganized or unused? Slip some bins into the drawer and turn it into a mini pantry for food items.
  12. Small Shelves in Bathroom
    If you have a small bathroom with a lack of storage space, you can fix that by mounting small shelves next to the sink/mirror for extra storage space.
  13. Repurpose a CD Holder
    Still have any old CD holders lying around the house? Repurpose them by using one to store container lids.
  14. Transform a Cluttered Garage
    If you have empty walls in your garage but have clutter all around, purchase some “bike hooks” that mount on the wall to hang almost any garage item.
  15. Use Baskets for Shelf Organization
    If you have clutter on your shelves, purchase some small baskets to create storage spots for the items that look unorganized.