Five Ways to Support Local Businesses


by Melissa Jabour The COVID-19 pandemic has led to very difficult times for many local and small businesses. Some businesses have been temporarily shuttered, and others have had to change their operations completely. These businesses

Five Ways to Support Local Businesses2020-10-12T21:36:25+00:00

Benefits of a Gratitude Journal


by Ayanna D. Neal With COVID-19 uprooting our normal lives—interrupting businesses, canceling in person collegiate and school classes, closing bars, restaurants and shops, people staying at home and not interacting with family members and friends

Benefits of a Gratitude Journal2020-08-05T20:06:34+00:00

How to Stop Procrastinating


by Kurt Aktug Most of today’s trial attorneys have engaged in at least some level of self-education in the realm of psychology and what makes the human mind tick. In an effort to hone our

How to Stop Procrastinating2020-08-06T14:20:16+00:00

Tips to Saving Money Every Month


By Rakin Hamad During these uncertain times due to COVID-19, the old adage “a penny saved is a penny earned” has become extremely pertinent to households across the world. However, the adage is easier said

Tips to Saving Money Every Month2020-08-06T14:20:08+00:00

Living Alone? Tips to Stay Safe


by Rachel Gore Living on your own? You aren’t the only one. A growing percentage of people are living solo, with the U.S. Census Bureau reporting in 2019 that over one in four (28%) American

Living Alone? Tips to Stay Safe2020-05-11T15:26:35+00:00

Simple Steps for Healthy Living


by J.R. Whaley JJohn Wesley said that, "People don't need to be taught as much as they need to be reminded.” We all “know” what we “need” to do to live a healthier and more

Simple Steps for Healthy Living2020-04-09T15:02:14+00:00
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