by Brandy Abalos

Smart homes offer incredible convenience to consumers. They also provide opportunities for innovative outdoor security. The technology that integrates into a smart home’s network is an effective and efficient way for people to protect their property and families. Additionally, the outdoor security systems available on the market today are becoming increasingly affordable.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Security Devices for a Smart Home

A smart home should have a hub to link all of the devices. Homeowners should ensure that outdoor security devices are compatible and will connect to the network. In some cases, it may be necessary to have more than one hub that will allow the homeowner to control a variety of tasks from different locations. It’s essential to ensure that the smart home hub can handle all the devices the system will include.

Some networks can accommodate more devices than others. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to smart home outdoor security technology. All outdoor smart home devices are different. Homeowners should research the products they’re interested in using with their security system. Consider how they are powered (wirelessly or wired)and how much information they can store (for cameras). Most smart home technology is relatively user-friendly, but everyone should choose which devices are best for their knowledge and skill set.

Smart Home Technology to Integrate into an Outdoor Security System

Outdoor Cameras

The most crucial piece of an outdoor security system is a reliable camera. Many people opt to have multiple cameras to cover the front, back and side views around their homes. The most suitable outdoor cameras are weather-resistant, have night vision and offer crystal-clear picture. Motion sensors should trigger the camera to start recording. Some cameras also have a spotlight that enhances the video quality and can scare off intruders or rogue animals.

There are many smart outdoor cameras on the market. The ideal cameras are user-friendly and meet the user’s specific needs. Always look at reviews of cameras before purchasing one. Consider a brand with a subscription service that has additional safety features.

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights, especially those that are motion activated, are proven to deter criminals. They shed light on what is happening and alert people that someone may be watching. A system of outdoor spotlights that will light up the yard when necessary is a crucial part of any smart home plan. The hub will control most lights. Many lights have customizable intensity levels and colors. Be mindful of the lights’ battery life.

Garage Door Openers

The garage is typically a weak spot in security that many criminals exploit. A smart garage door opener is a great way to combat this problem. It allows homeowners to quickly check their garage door at night or while they are away from home. You can also close it if it appears to be open.

Bonus Smart Home Outdoor Technology For A Security System

It’s sometimes necessary to include devices to complement the outdoor security system. In most cases, these items are smart security devices, as well.

Outdoor Smart Plugs

Smart plugs make wired security systems safer. They have AC outlets and should be waterproof to avoid damage to the hardware. A hub or smartphone can usually control smart plugs. This setup allows homeowners to manage plugged-in devices from their backyard or miles away. Most smart plugs can run on a timer or schedule to automatically turn on and off.

Protect The Home with Smart Outdoor Technology

An outdoor security system is a great way to protect families and their peace of mind. However, there are many options on the market for devices. It can be hard to determine what is suitable for each homeowner. Having technology that integrates makes it easy to control all of it from one hub. The more user-friendly an outdoor security system is, the more likely people are to use it consistently so that it can protect them.