by Brandy Abalos

Mornings can be chaotic for moms, especially with the added responsibility of getting kids ready for school. However, there are several strategies that moms can implement to make mornings more manageable. A well-structured morning sets the family up for a productive and enjoyable day for both kids and parents.

Establish a Consistent Bedtime
Children need adequate sleep. Setting a consistent bedtime allows for 8-10 hours of sleep. A consistent sleep schedule helps regulate their natural sleep-wake cycle, which makes it easier for them to wake up refreshed and energized.

Avoid Electronics Before Bed
Encourage children to avoid using electronic devices for at least an hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted from these devices can interfere with melatonin production, a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles.

Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine
Establish a calming bedtime routine that helps children transition from the day’s activities to sleep. This routine could include reading a book, taking a warm bath or listening to soothing music.

Early Rise and Shine
Encourage children to wake up early, allowing ample time for their morning routine without feeling rushed or stressed. A gradual wake-up process, such as one using a sunrise alarm clock, can make the transition from sleep to wakefulness more pleasant.

Make Mornings a Family Affair
Involve children in preparing breakfast, making their beds and getting ready for the day. Doing so fosters a sense of responsibility and encourages teamwork.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Fuel children’s bodies and minds with a nutritious breakfast. Choose whole grains, fruits and lean protein to provide them with sustained energy throughout the morning.

Organize Clothes the Night Before
To save time in the morning, encourage children to lay out their clothes for the next day. This simple step can prevent last-minute scrambling and decision fatigue.

Pack Lunches and Backpacks Early
Prepare lunches and pack backpacks the night before to avoid morning stress. Having everything ready to go prevents last-minute searches and potential delays.

Establish a Morning Checklist
Create a visual checklist or chart outlining the steps involved in the morning routine. Providing a clear guide for children helps them stay on track and avoid distractions.

Set a Timer for Each Task
Families who often run out of time to get ready in the morning can use a timer for individual tasks. A timer will help everyone stay on track and avoid getting overwhelmed. Start with small increments and gradually increase the time as kids become more efficient.

Take Breaks When Needed
If things get chaotic, take a few minutes to regroup and recalibrate. Let everyone take a deep breath, stretch or engage in a quick activity to reset.

Positive Reinforcement
Acknowledge and praise children for following the morning routine promptly and efficiently. Positive reinforcement encourages them to continue good habits.

Establish a Positive Atmosphere in the Mornings
Avoid yelling or nagging, as this will only create stress and anxiety. Instead, use a calm and encouraging tone and praise kids for their efforts.

Be Flexible and Adaptable
This morning routine can be adapted to each family’s unique needs and preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Consistency is Key
Stick to the established routine as much as possible, even on weekends or holidays. Consistency helps children develop self-discipline and predictability, making mornings less stressful.

Communicate and Collaborate
Involve children in discussions about the morning routine. Their input can help the family create a more enjoyable and effective routine for everyone.

Make Mornings Fun
Incorporate elements of fun and excitement into the morning routine. Play upbeat music, engage in silly conversations or make breakfast time a social gathering.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Moms who are overwhelmed by the morning routine shouldn’t be afraid to ask their partner, a family member or a friend for help with the morning routine.

Successful Mornings Are Possible!
Remember, the goal is to create a morning routine that works for the family and makes mornings a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Moms need to take care of themselves and develop an environment that makes mornings easier. A consistent routine will ensure everyone gets out the door successfully.