by Brandy Abalos

A home should be a place where all those who live there can rest and relax. However, sometimes it just adds to life’s stress with unmanageable clutter and uncomfortable areas. This reality is even more common for people who work from home or remain home most of the day. While making a home completely stress-free is impossible, it is possible to make it feel more peaceful and enjoyable.

Incorporate Elements from Favorite Places

Most people have favorite relaxation spots they gravitate to on vacation or when they return to their childhood home. Many have an image of the ideal room in their heads or from a magazine. Mimicking these environments is a good starting place for creating a soothing home, even if it’s as simple as using the same paint colors or arranging plants and furniture similarly.

Use a Cool Color Palette

Greens and blues can make an intense room feel relaxing. Homeowners can incorporate these colors in small things like cool-colored artwork or significant changes like painting the walls.

Manage Clutter

Clutter is one of the biggest complaints home designers hear about from clients. When everything has a space, the home seems more manageable, and residents feel less overwhelmed in their personal space. Purchasing appealing clutter management solutions can help organize important areas for peace, such as the bedroom and living room.

Create Tech-Free Zones

Many people work from home and have to be on a computer or phone throughout the day. Even those who don’t work at home likely watch TV or check social media consistently when they’re there. The constant drive to be connected can be overwhelming. Creating tech-free zones encourages a peaceful ambiance. Good tech-free zones include the bedroom or dining room during dinner time.

Set Up a Meditation Area

It’s unnecessary to have a workout center in the home to devote to wellness. A peaceful area in one corner of a room can serve as a meditation space if the homeowners resist the urge to bring unrelated or stressful activities into that space.

Play Music Throughout Home

Studies have proven that music can help people relax and relieve stress. A home sound system or a collection of Google or Amazon devices can disperse soothing or upbeat music throughout the house. Many people take comfort in ambient sounds like waterfalls or rain to help them relax.

Use Aromatherapy to Boost Relaxation

Candles, incense and oils are a great addition to a serene environment. Comforting scents can help relieve uneasiness at home. However, some fragrances may irritate allergies or pose a burn hazard to children or pets.

Place Plants in Every Room

Plants add a touch of calming green to soothe an interior environment. They also improve air quality and circulation, making them the perfect addition to every room. Be mindful of poisonous plants and ensure children and pets cannot get to them.

Use Natural Light Instead of Artificial

Artificial light is harsh and strains the mind and body. Natural light is gentler on the eyes and boosts a person’s mood. Those who don’t have many windows can try light bulbs that mimic natural light.

Create a Peaceful Home by Setting Up Spaces Strategically

There are many ways to create a peaceful home environment. From changing the physical appearance with paint to rearranging furniture, creating a calm atmosphere is not as difficult as many think.