by Caitlin O’Donnell


  • Be careful when choosing a swimsuit color. Bright colors are the most visible when a person is submerged underwater.
  • Remember that a person who is drowning cannot call for assistance. Throw a flotation device to those treading water, struggling to keep their head above water or showing other signs of drowning before they are in worse trouble.
  • Watch children near the water, even if there is a lifeguard present.
  • Teach children to ask before getting in the water and why it is dangerous to get in without an adult present.


  • Overlook small amounts of water. People usually know to be careful around pools, lakes and other larger bodies of water, but a child can drown in a bucket.
  • Swim alone.
  • Get in the water while intoxicated.
  • Jump in after a person who is drowning unless they are unconscious. Doing so will cause them to use you as a flotation device, which endangers both of your lives. Instead, throw them a flotation device or something to hold onto. If they are unconscious, ensure you have a flotation device that will hold both of you before jumping in.