“Flossing” Your Nerves


by Robin Jabour, Esq W e all know that flossing your teeth is essential for good dental health. But, have you ever heard of “nerve flossing”? Simply, nerve flossing, or nerve/neural gliding, is a series

“Flossing” Your Nerves2021-04-06T23:00:51+00:00

Breathing Techniques to Alleviate Anxiety


by Mark M. Bello Feeling anxious? You are not alone. Everyone experiences anxiety at some point and many of us struggle with dealing with it at the moment. One helpful aid for managing anxiety that is

Breathing Techniques to Alleviate Anxiety2021-04-06T22:59:26+00:00

Is it a Migraine or a Headache?


by Crystal Consylma We have all experienced the dreadful discomfort and pain that nags us at the worst time. Our head aches and feels like it wants to explode. Are you able to tell if

Is it a Migraine or a Headache?2021-03-29T20:08:31+00:00

Tips to Optimize Muscle Recovery


by Margie Coghill Have you ever had a day where every muscle in your body ached? Whether you are an occasional runner or fitness fanatic, you should consider muscle recovery as a very important factor to optimize your

Tips to Optimize Muscle Recovery2021-03-19T14:27:58+00:00

Know These 8 Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes


by Katherine Allen The incidence of Type 2 diabetes is increasing worldwide. According to the International Diabetes Federation, more than 400 million people were living with diabetes by 2015. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has

Know These 8 Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes2021-03-15T18:09:14+00:00

Can Videogames Help Reduce Stress?


by Grace Smithwick It happens all the time: You have too many busy days in a row and realize your stress levels are rising to unmanageable levels. In short order, you find yourself desperately needing

Can Videogames Help Reduce Stress?2021-01-15T18:30:39+00:00

Types of Yoga and Their Benefits


by Elizabeth Rossbach Yoga is an ancient meditative practice that has become increasingly popular today as a form of stress-relieving exercise. It can be done in a relatively small space and requires little equipment. Most

Types of Yoga and Their Benefits2021-01-15T18:17:34+00:00

Mental Health Apps or Traditional Therapy


by Grace Smithwick As Coronavirus continues to dominate headlines, 2020 has seen an unprecedented rise in people seeking mental health assistance. As feelings of isolation-induced anxiety and depression grow during lockdowns and physical distancing mandates,

Mental Health Apps or Traditional Therapy2021-01-15T18:10:57+00:00

Healthy Habits to Optimize Your Immunity


by Mark M. Bello In the last ten months, most people have been doing everything possible to stay healthy—social distancing, wearing a mask and practicing proper hygiene. However, there is so much more that each

Healthy Habits to Optimize Your Immunity2021-01-11T15:29:06+00:00

Pets Can Be the Mental Health Remedy to this Pandemic


By Tobi Millrood The Coronavirus quarantine has dampened spirits for so many. Beyond the threat of testing positive and experiencing human life loss among friends and family, the interruption of typical daily life has cast

Pets Can Be the Mental Health Remedy to this Pandemic2020-10-22T18:57:34+00:00
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