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There’s Always Hope: Leaving an Abusive Relationship


When talking about someone in an abusive relationship, many ask the question “why don’t they just leave?” For people who have never experienced abuse themselves, this solution makes sense. Unfortunately, the decision to leave an abuser is a lot more complicated than simply walking away.

There’s Always Hope: Leaving an Abusive Relationship2019-03-29T16:06:47+00:00

Is 50 Still The Magic Age For Colonoscopies?


Colorectal cancer is the third-leading cause of death in the United States, and the risk of developing it is 1 in 20. Although colorectal cancer can be very deadly, it is also very preventable and treatable.

Is 50 Still The Magic Age For Colonoscopies?2019-03-29T15:46:18+00:00

5 Reasons Why Self-Care is Critical for Caregivers


Caring for a loved one who is going through a serious illness can be a rewarding experience in many ways. Caregivers often enjoy giving back to someone who once cared for them, with many saying that the experience increases meaning and purpose in life. A survey by the National Opinion Research Center found that 83 percent of caregivers viewed the experience as positive.

5 Reasons Why Self-Care is Critical for Caregivers2019-03-29T15:47:34+00:00

Fitness and Aging: A Key to Better Health Later in Life


We all know that exercise is important. Among other things, it can stave off illnesses, reduce stress and help control weight. Whether we are 20 or 80 years old, we all have days, maybe weeks, and sometimes months, when we do not want to exercise.

Fitness and Aging: A Key to Better Health Later in Life2019-03-29T14:56:16+00:00

Tech Gadgets


If you’re like me, you love this time of year. It’s the time that tech gadgets of yesteryear go on sale and the gadgets of tomorrow make their debut on store shelves.

Tech Gadgets2019-06-20T12:50:40+00:00

Energy Efficient?


For many of us, it can be really confusing to try to compare gas power vs. electric power. Despite being expected to do the same type of work, each uses a different relative unit of measurement.

Energy Efficient?2019-02-15T16:59:56+00:00
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