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Would You Take a Solo Vacay?


Traveling solo for work is one thing, but taking a solo vacation can be very daunting. Work trips are often shorter and you generally know that at some stage during the trip you are going to connect with colleagues or clients.

Would You Take a Solo Vacay?2019-04-02T13:43:18+00:00

Are You a Hoarder?


By now you’ve watched the Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and learned she helps her clients clear out clutter—and choose joy. She asks if each item brings her joy and if it doesn’t she thanks the item and then gets rid of it. She then moves onto organizing the items that do bring joy.

Are You a Hoarder?2019-07-25T17:43:34+00:00

Stop Making These Money Mistakes


There are all kinds of common money mistakes that people often make. These mistakes that keep them in debt or, at the least, keep them from accumulating as much money as they otherwise would have.

Stop Making These Money Mistakes2019-04-01T14:29:49+00:00

Money and Marriage Ten Tips for Sharing Your Finances


When you say your wedding vows, you and your spouse are promising to be a team in all aspects of life, including your finances. It can be challenging, but here are some strategies to help you work together in your financial life.

Money and Marriage Ten Tips for Sharing Your Finances2019-04-01T14:40:40+00:00

A Goat Load of Fun


As yoga increases in popularity, so do the number of yoga variations. Yoga is a great way to exercise—especially for those who want to relax or are seeking inner peace.

A Goat Load of Fun2019-04-01T14:03:57+00:00

Age = A More Difficult Path to Weight Loss


Have you been trying to lose weight lately, only to find that it’s a bit harder than it used to be? It’s not uncommon. Unfortunately, it’s a natural part of aging—not just metabolism as many believe.

Age = A More Difficult Path to Weight Loss2019-04-01T13:50:44+00:00

Let’s Get Dirty! Why Kids Need Early Exposure to Microbes


Kids may be “too clean” these days. As parents worry about germs, illnesses, infections and keeping their little ones safe, they may unwittingly over-sterilize their children’s environments, which may not be good for their children’s long-term health.

Let’s Get Dirty! Why Kids Need Early Exposure to Microbes2019-04-01T13:30:26+00:00
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