Safety Tips For Runners


by Logan Wood With COVID-19 rates spiking, Americans face another period of lockdown and seclusion from loved ones, jobs, school, etc. According to the CDC, this seclusion not only negatively affects mental health but also

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Preparing for a New Driver in the House


by Matthew Devoti Your child is nearing a landmark birthday. In a handful of months, she’ll be eligible to obtain her permit to drive. She’s already talking about taking the family car to school, her

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Living Alone? Tips to Stay Safe


by Rachel Gore Living on your own? You aren’t the only one. A growing percentage of people are living solo, with the U.S. Census Bureau reporting in 2019 that over one in four (28%) American

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Trampoline Parks – Yes or No?


In a 2016 study published in Pediatrics, researchers found that in 2010, there were 581 emergency department visits for trampoline park injuries (TPIs). Just four years later, in 2014, there were nearly 7,000.

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Tech Gadgets


If you’re like me, you love this time of year. It’s the time that tech gadgets of yesteryear go on sale and the gadgets of tomorrow make their debut on store shelves.

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