Types of Yoga and Their Benefits


by Elizabeth Rossbach Yoga is an ancient meditative practice that has become increasingly popular today as a form of stress-relieving exercise. It can be done in a relatively small space and requires little equipment. Most

Types of Yoga and Their Benefits2021-01-15T18:17:34+00:00

Joint Friendly Exercise


by Danny Feldman Joint friendly exercise is extremely important for anyone who has an old injury or has put increased stress on their joints, whether that is due to their job or from having participated

Joint Friendly Exercise2020-10-22T17:35:01+00:00

Small Ways to Take Off the Pounds


by Justin Curcio There are no shortcuts to losing weight and keeping it off, but it might not be as hard as you think. The longstanding principle of proper diet and exercise has been proven

Small Ways to Take Off the Pounds2020-09-08T17:34:39+00:00
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