Joint Friendly Exercise


by Danny Feldman Joint friendly exercise is extremely important for anyone who has an old injury or has put increased stress on their joints, whether that is due to their job or from having participated

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Tips to Working Out at Home


by Sarah Buron In the current world we are living in, it is more important than ever that we utilize the option of working out from home. While it can be a bit of an

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Fitness and Aging: A Key to Better Health Later in Life


We all know that exercise is important. Among other things, it can stave off illnesses, reduce stress and help control weight. Whether we are 20 or 80 years old, we all have days, maybe weeks, and sometimes months, when we do not want to exercise.

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Working toward a safer fitness


by Michael Walerius and Matthew Devoti Not too long ago, we turned the page on another new year. Resolutions of all sorts accompanied the change in the calendar for many of us. These commitments frequently focus

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