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Working toward a safer fitness


by Michael Walerius and Matthew Devoti Not too long ago, we turned the page on another new year. Resolutions of all sorts accompanied the change in the calendar for many of us. These commitments frequently focus

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Bacteria alert: pillowcase edition


by Candice Boone Every day we are constantly surrounded by bacteria that can cause problems. Even though you can’t disin-fect everything, there are little things you can clean around your house that will cut down

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8 things you should clean every single week


by Bret Hanna Some things in life require constant attention. These eight things require your attention every single week. Toothbrush. Bacteria loves moist surfaces, and very few surfaces are more consistently moist than your toothbrush. As such, toothbrushes

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Me too. Time’s up. What’s next?


Could new social movements bring about significant change to our view on gender equality by Bryan Silver Unlike some social media movements of the past that ultimately fizzled rather than fueling real change, the #MeToo

Me too. Time’s up. What’s next?2018-04-10T13:30:02+00:00

Why family rituals are so important


by Shelly White Rituals are those repeated actions done again and again in the interest of things like: focus, grounding, tradition, cultural symbolism, predictable life rhythms, and feeling a part of something. The current world of

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Radon: an invisible killer


You can’t see it, smell it or taste it. It could be at a dangerous level in your home. Even more frightening? It’s the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers in the U.S.

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