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First-time homebuyer?


Tired of renting and seeing the money you’re spending on rent each month could go towards owning your dream home, but maybe the thought of going through the home-buying process scares you?

First-time homebuyer?2018-04-12T12:42:19+00:00

The real story on reduced-calorie wines


Did you know that various wineries have now begun producing reduced-calorie wines? Some current low- calorie wine producers are Skinnygirl, Skinny Wine, Weight Watchers, FitVine, and some foreign brands.

The real story on reduced-calorie wines2018-04-12T12:47:41+00:00

The skinny on mailaway DNA kits


Given the advancements in identifying one’s ancestry using online resources, it should not be surprising to learn that there has been a lot of social media noise about the so-called ancestry kits.

The skinny on mailaway DNA kits2018-04-12T12:50:30+00:00

The importance of estate planning


When considering your options for retirement, certain investments tend to come to mind, such as 401(k) and IRAs. However, estate planning is one invaluable investment that tends to be overlooked—often until it is too late.

The importance of estate planning2018-04-12T12:51:19+00:00

Teaching your son respect


Parenting is often a learn-as-you-go process, especially for new parents. As a parent of a boy, teaching him respect has to be a continual, lifelong process. It's one of the most important lessons he can learn.

Teaching your son respect2018-04-10T16:47:42+00:00

The Pulse: The American POV


Like it or not, it's changing by Bryan Silver If you’ve been following some of the more noteworthy news stories lately, you would probably agree that there have been some weighty topics tossed about—many that

The Pulse: The American POV2018-04-11T03:45:51+00:00

When was your last ‘date night?’


Dating is something you do in order to start a relationship and eventually get to the end goal: marriage. Right? However, most don’t think of “dating” the person with whom they will be spending their lives.

When was your last ‘date night?’2018-04-11T03:26:45+00:00
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