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Ways to raise confident kids.


by Brandy Abalos   Confidence is just as important for children as it is for adults. Kids with confidence understand self-worth and have the skills to handle difficult situations without feeling negative about themselves. They

Ways to raise confident kids.2022-01-21T18:46:02+00:00

Do You Have an Escape Plan? Fire Safety Tips.


by Diane Masiello   Every year, an estimated 358,000 fires occur in homes. According to FEMA, 72.2% of fire deaths are from residential fires. These fires are also responsible for 76.4% of fire injuries and

Do You Have an Escape Plan? Fire Safety Tips.2022-01-21T16:42:36+00:00

The FDA Approval Process


by Tatum O’Brien   Americans spent around $539 billion on medications in 2020 alone and about $150 billion on medical devices. Whether you need a prescription to control your blood pressure or need a hip

The FDA Approval Process2022-01-21T16:27:11+00:00

How Food Affects Your Mood


By Brandy Abalos   There is a direct link between the food you eat and the way you feel. Food can affect not only your physical health but also your psychological well-being and mental stability.

How Food Affects Your Mood2022-01-20T14:48:23+00:00

How to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolutions


by Brandy Abalos   The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to establish new routines and change bad habits. Many people make New Year’s Resolutions that they fully intend to keep. However, according

How to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolutions2022-01-10T13:58:58+00:00

Do I Need Disability Insurance?


by Margie Coghill   Disability insurance is a valuable resource to have and can give you the peace of mind that your family’s finances are protected from the unexpected. What would happen if you became

Do I Need Disability Insurance?2022-01-10T13:52:35+00:00

Dealing with Childhood Disappointment


by Diane Masiello, Ph.D. The competition at try-outs was fierce, and your child didn’t make the team. Chances are they feel awful, and so do you. However, remember that children, like adults, aren’t always going

Dealing with Childhood Disappointment2021-10-19T15:14:16+00:00

Health Screenings You Should Have and When


by Diane Masiello Self-care is not just manicures and massages but also taking care of medical issues. Eating right and exercising are the best ways to make sure medical tests return normal results, but watching

Health Screenings You Should Have and When2021-10-19T14:59:42+00:00

What Movie Ratings Really Mean


by Brandy Abalos   As children get older, they push to see movies with higher ratings. Some theaters even require proof of age with a valid ID before admitting people into movies with certain ratings.

What Movie Ratings Really Mean2021-10-19T14:49:50+00:00
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