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Home Security Measures


by Brandy Abalos Many people put home décor and maintenance at the forefront of their thoughts, but they should also prioritize security measures. According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 25 seconds in the

Home Security Measures2023-01-12T20:28:51+00:00

Smart Home Outdoor Security Technology


by Brandy Abalos Smart homes offer incredible convenience to consumers. They also provide opportunities for innovative outdoor security. The technology that integrates into a smart home's network is an effective and efficient way for people

Smart Home Outdoor Security Technology2023-01-12T19:12:14+00:00

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry


by Brandy Abalos While sibling rivalry is normal, it can be frustrating. It often takes the form of arguing, tattling, name-calling, competitive activities and even physical fighting. It makes parents wish their children would be

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry2023-01-12T20:38:09+00:00
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