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Finding the Right Ski Equipment

Submitted by Bret Hanna on December 27, 2011 – 11:21 am

By now, you’ve learned about the ins and outs of skiing, but what about the items you’ll need to ski safely? Choosing the right equip­ment is key to creating a safe and enjoyable experience on the slopes. As such, there are a num­ber of variables that each person must consider before they start selecting their collection of skis or boards, poles, goggles and helmet. Getting Started

Gender, height, weight, skill level, expected terrain and snow condi­tions are all things to consider. Make a list and head to a store that has a good reputation for helping outdoor winter enthusi­asts find the right gear.

Start with Boots

Whether skiing or boarding, your movements will be governed by your feet and ankles. Buy comfort­able boots while taking into account your skill level. typically, your boot stiffness will increase with skill level. select your boots before selecting your skis or board. Boot selection will dictate compatible type of each, along with a correct pairing of skis or board with the correct bindings. once all three are se­lected, have a qualified technician do all of the final adjustments.

Next Up, Poles

Make sure you have the boots you are going to wear with you. select poles by turning them upside-down and holding them under the baskets. then check the angle of your elbows;
they should be at 90 degrees. if more than 90 degrees, try shorter poles. if less than 90 degrees, try longer poles.

Your Helmet and Goggles Purchase

After the poles are purchased, select your helmet and goggles at the same time. start with a helmet that fits snugly but comfort­ably on your head and one with a comfort­able chin strap. Your goggles should fit tightly with the shape of the front rim of the helmet. if there is a gap, the goggles will fog and your vision will suffer. now you’re ready to go and enjoy the snow!

— Bret Hanna is an attorney with Jones Waldo in Salt Lake City, Utah.